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Purchased a USED Flex and need to change its Country (TURF)

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2021 6:20 pm
by ke9ns
If you purchased a Used Flex-1500, Flex-3000, or Flex-5000 and find the "Country" shown on the Top or bottom line of PowerSDR is incorrect, and needs to be changed, that is what Flex Radio calls the radios "TURF" location.

Example: You live in Italy, but the Flex-3000 you just purchased from eBay was originally from the USA, will have the US as its TURF location. So the "BAND" allocations will be for the USA.

To change your Radios TURF (from inside PowerSDR):

Flex-1500,3000,5000, Press the following keys at the same time:

Flex-3000/5000: Now click on the "low level hardware" tab.

You will now see the TURF selection box, move your mouse over it and a help screen will show you all the possible TURF country locations to select from.
After your done, shut down and cycle power to the radio.

When you run PowerSDR the next time, go to Setup->General->Options->Update BandText, and CLICK on it.
Now the Band Text will reflect your country "TURF" band allocations