old versions of power sdr Ke9NS

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old versions of power sdr Ke9NS

Post by ale66 »

hi, where can i find old versions of power sdr? I need the 245 but I don't know where to download it, thanks.
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Re: old versions of power sdr Ke9NS

Post by IK8HCG »

can I ask why you ask for an old version? simple curiosity
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Re: old versions of power sdr Ke9NS

Post by ke9ns »

The old incremental files are still up on the server.
If you see the incremental download link, just change the current .263 to whatever version.

https://ke9ns.com/PowerSDR_KE9NS_V2.8.0 ... taller.msi

New versions of PowerSDR can sometimes cause your database to become corrupted. (As I add new features I add more to the database)
So its always a good idea to do a "Setup->Export Database" as a future backup.

But once corrupted, going backwards to an older PowerSDR, may not fix a corrupt database issue.
At that point, if you can get into PowerSDR, do a Setup->import database and put your good backup in)
otherwise go to the database folder: %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\FlexRadio Systems\PowerSDR v2.8.0\
and remove all the files with your radios serial number in the file name (to FORCE a factory default reset)

Creator of PowerSDR KE9NS v2.8, based on the Flex Radio PowerSDR v2.7.2 software.
Flex-5000, LDMOS and Titan Amps, G5RV, and Mosley TA-33 Junior
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