PowerSDR with a 1500 and a 3000 on same PC

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PowerSDR with a 1500 and a 3000 on same PC

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I already have a 1500 and I've just received a 3000. I only have one PC to operate the radios. I'm wondering if PowerSDR can be used for two separate radios from the same PC. Not operating at the same time, but one or the other (I get confused enough already. Two radios operating at the same time would cause me to pull out whatever hair I have left, which ain't much :lol: ).

Can one instance of PowerSDR be set up for two different radios? Or will it need two separate installations? How is that accomplished?

thanks. And many thanks to ke9ns for keeping the flame for these older Flexes!

...joe kd2qbk
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Re: PowerSDR with a 1500 and a 3000 on same PC

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You will need a FireWire Card, but you can run both separately on the same PC
If both radios are plugged in and powered up, you will get a menu to choose which radio to launch.

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